About Us

World class production in hygienic conditions without compromising quality or hygiene in a customer-oriented manner...

Setting forth with the principles of Hygiene, Particularity and Follow-up, 3teks Medical Textiles produces essentials of modern medicine such as medical sheets, surgical gowns and surgical sets as well as non-sterile gowns, sheet and cover groups and develops and changes the product groups according to the needs of their clients.

Embracing its mission to enhance quality in the Turkish healthcare sector with disposable products used widely in the West, to bring the standards of the healthcare sector forward and to minimize the risk of infection during and after the operation, 3teks Medical Textiles has revealed its vision to expand the use of Disposable Sterile and Non-Sterile Products and to assume the leading position in its sector with a dynamic nature.

By guaranteeing world class production in hygienic conditions without comprising quality or hygiene, 3teks Medical Textiles has adopted working in a customer-oriented manner as a principle..

3teks Medical Textiles, making non-woven fabrics and special production for medical use,  has been certified by the worldwide accredited institution, TUH Rheiland.  Our Certificates; EC Certificate (CE), Quality Management System Certificates ( EN ISO 13485, EN ISO 9001), TSE Product Certificates (TS EN ISO 13795+A1).

Using the relatively successful and efficient Gama Sterilization technique along with the Ethylene Oxide sterilization in the sterilization of their products, 3teks Medical Textiles has expressed its goal to become a sector pioneer by achieving another first in Turkey.

About Us