Production Plants

Having been operating in the Gaziantep Organized Industrial District since 2004 and boasting

  • EC Certificate (CE),
  • Quality Management System Certificates ( EN ISO 13485, EN ISO 9001),
  • TSE Product certificates (TS EN ISO 13795+A1)

and world class 24/7 production, 3teks Medial Textiles:

  • has 4,700 m2 of indoor area.
  • The 3teks production plant has a capacity of 250.000 sets/month
  • 3teks production plant can meet different needs in a short notice thanks to its flexible production system
  • There are 170 employees in our production plant
  • We are working with World leader non-woven fabric producers like DuPont SRL in manufacturing surgical sheets and surgical gowns.
  • The entire production plant is hygienic
  • Hygienic rooms and production spaces with special climatization (Heppa Filtering System)
  • Limited access to production areas
  • Suitable infrastructure in accordance with the rules for access to sterile spaces
  • Antibacterial floor and wall coverings
Production Plants