Produced from non-woven fabric, 3teks products are unique, economical products in terms of providing extra hygiene and comfort to patients, healthcare personnel and visitors.

3Teks products produced from NON-WOVEN fabric are unique products in terms of providing extra hygiene and comfort to patients, healthcare professionals and visitors. They are practical, economical and lightweight products that provide comfort, in terms of transformation and in terms of not needing chemicals used during sterilization in conventional products in 3teks products, stored in vacuum packaging and thus maintaining their sterility.


  • 3teks products, which are disposable, make special use for patients and healthcare personnel only possible and thus provide “hygiene guarantee” which cannot be offered by classical medical textile products. 3teks Medikal Tekstil products, which have a shelf life of 5 years, make savings possible in the above items compared to conventional textile products and stand out as a more economical solution:
  • More Economical…
  • It saves from sterilization instruments investment,
  • It saves classical medical textile products from spending,
  • Saves you storage and inventory financing expenses,
  • It saves the electricity, water, detergent and chemical expenses used during the sterilization process,
  • It saves from the labor costs required for the sterilization process,
  • In the operations of patients with infectious diseases, it saves the classic set costs, which are destroyed after a single use. In addition to the cost dimension, disposable 3teks products provide great convenience and comfort for the healthcare personnel.


  • Non-woven fabric and 3teks products with Gamma Sterilization features are Antibacterial; it does not allow bacteria to grow and reproduce on the fabric.

Liquid Proof

  • 3teks products, which also have liquid repellent properties, such as liquid impermeability, protect patients and health personnel against infections. This feature, which prevents “surgical clothing getting wet and getting heavy”, which is a serious problem during the operations, enables the healthcare personnel to work comfortably and comfortably during the operation.


  • Gamma Sterile…
  • Gamma only implemented by 3teks Medical Textiles in Turkey Thanks to the sterilization technique, 3teks products reliability is guaranteed. Pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and medical supplies Gamma Sterilization, which is also widely used in the industry. technology is different from other sterilization methods;
  • Provides absolute sterilization with high penetration ability,
  • It is healthier because it is a method that can be applied to packaged products,
  • Easy to validate,
  • It provides a decrease in endotoxin level,
  • Provides excellent security,
  • Since the gamma rays emitted during the process are not radioactive, they do not leave radioactive vetoxic residues in the products.


  • 3teks products, which are made of light and special non-woven fabrics, without chemical substances in their production and sterilization, are antiallergic; It does not cause irritation and allergies on the skin of healthcare professionals and patients.

Breathability Feature

  • Unlike conventional medical textile products, 3teks products with breathability feature provide healthcare personnel comfort during long operations and contribute to a more comfortable and efficient environment.

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