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Production in world standards, hygienic conditions without sacrificing quality and hygiene and customer focus ...

3teks Medikal Tekstil, which has set out with the principles of cleaning, rigor and follow-up, manufactures sterile disposable surgical gloves, gowns and sets, which are the requirements of modern medicine, and continuously develops and renews its product groups according to the needs of its customers.

To increase the quality of Turkey in the health sector with the West disposable products are widely used in the health sector to move to more advanced point standards and operations as / after infection risk to the a mission to minimize the 3teks Medical Textiles in Turkey Disposable Sterile & Non-Sterile promote the use of products to and as a vision of being a leader in its sector with an innovative and dynamic structure.

3Teks Medikal Tekstil, which produces in hygienic conditions at world standards without sacrificing quality and hygiene, has made customer-oriented work a principle.

3teks Medikal Tekstil, which makes special production for non-woven fabrics and medical use, is certified by AT Certification, an accredited organization that has established trust in the world. Our Certificates are EC Certificate (CE), Quailty Management System Document (ISO 13485:2016), TSE Product Document (TS EN 13795-1), Domestic Goods Certificate, COVID-19 Safe Production Certificate

At the request of our customers next to Ethylene Oxide sterilization in the sterilization of products using the Gamma sterilization techniques that are more sophisticated and effective than other sterilization methods 3teks Medical Textiles in this regard Turkey also intends to be a pioneer in the industry by signing a policy it has demonstrated once more.

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