3TEKS Production Facilities

With its 120 personnel and flexible production structure, 3Teks can respond quickly to different demands.

Production Facilities

  • Producing in Gaziantep Organized Industrial Zone since 2004 and
  • EC Certificate (CE),
  • Quality Management System Certificates (EN ISO 13485, EN ISO 9001),
  • TSE Product Certificates (TS EN ISO 13795 + A1) Medical Textile Production Plants producing 24/7 in world standards with their certificates:
  • It has a closed area of ​​4.700 m2,
  • 3teks production facility has a capacity of 250.000 sets / month,
  • With its flexible production structure, 3teks production facility can respond to different demands with great speed,
  • There are 170 employees in our production facility
  • DuPont SRL in the production of Non-woven fabric in our Cover and Apron Production. The products of world-leading manufacturers are used.
  • The whole production area is hygienic,
  • Clean room and production area with special air conditioning (Heppa Filtering System),
  • Restricted entry permit to production areas,
  • Infrastructure suitable for sterile field transition rules,
  • Anti bacterial floor and wall coatings,

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